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Small Business Marketing Consultant

Small Business Marketing Consultant

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Hi, I'm Doug. 

I am the owner / operator of Port Angeles Business Central and I provide the small business marketing consulting services here at Port Angeles Business Central.


I have been working with small business owners, helping them market their businesses since 1976.  Some things have changed, but the basic stuff is still the same, since marketing involves human behavior, and human behavior is just about 99.3% predictable.

I have managed or owned or currently operate businesses including: restaurants, printshops, construction, graphic design, internet service providers, website hosting, website development, website marketing, search engine optimization and small business consultation.

I served as a bi-vocational pastor for twenty years.  I retired in 2001 but am still active in various ministries.  I published several studies on books of the Bible as well as an entire chronological study of the Bible.

Over the twenty year period, I wrote and delivered over 5,000 full length messages, covering most of the USA.


My decades of experience working with small business owners, operating Christian ministries, publishing and speaking have enabled me to hone my skills and presentation before groups.

I am expert in small business marketing, small business website development, search engine marketing and search engine optiimization.


Being a good small business marketing consultant mandates real life experience in operating a small business.

If all you need to know is how to spend your marketing budget - how to blow advertising dollars, hire some young buckaroo with a degree in marketing.  You will be doing a good deed by helping them out - giving them your money. 

Or even better, just setup a makeshift dart board, partitioning off your entire marketing budget for different programs and start throwing darts - blindfolded!  You are likely to see just as good results (and save some money, too).

Solving real life business problems requires real life business experience.  Throwing money at your problems only makes them greener while making you poorer, - it does not solve the problem.

So, if you are ready to get your small business problems solved, get in touch with someone that either already knows what to do or has ample resources to figure it out, -- me.

Call me at 360-504-0047