Real Office Management

Small business owners need Real Office Management but it is frequently out of their reach due to the expense of office overhead and the cost of staff.

A Timely, Professional Response to Phone Calls, Emails and Social Media Contacts is Key to Successful Business Management

We've got great news for you!  We have a great program for local, small business owners.  @ Port Angeles Business Central, we can provide the following and more routine office services for you at a price you can easily afford:

  • Contracted Phone & Reception Service
    • NOT just an Answering Service!  (An answering service is nothing more than an annoying human answering machine)
    • Answer your phone in the name of your business and provide real answers for callers
    • All calls are recorded and emailed to you upon completion!
    • Direct callers to your company website
    • Take messages for you (or send to your voice mail box)
    • Schedule your appointments
    • Contact you on the field
  • Email Contact Management Service
  • Social Media Contact Management Service

Standard Office Hours Program

  • 9 am - 5 pm
  • We answer during "lunch hour", too!
  • 10 hours per day
  • 5 days per week (Monday - Friday)

These holidays off: (New Year's Day, Easter (Monday following), Memorial Day, Indepence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day (Thursday AND Friday) and Christmas Eve + Christmas Day

  • $500 Setup Fee (depending upon complexity of your requirements)
  • $350 Per Month
  • Virtual Office Program 1 is FREE with this Service! (or get $100 off Program 2 or 3)

Includes first 200 minutes or first 100 calls (whichever comes first)

  • All calls are recorded and links to recordings are emailed to you
  • Calls are stored for 30 days, you may download to store locally indefinitely
  • Voice Mail is included and is emailed to you

Additional calls for:

  • $2.50 per call

To setup for this service, all you need to do is forward the phone number that you want answered to the number that we assign for you.  We will answer this number in the name of your business.

Standard call recording is included - if you don't want your calls recorded, we can turn this feature off, otherwise, a prompt will play that says, "Thank you for calling ___________________, this call is being recorded for quality assurance."

Here is How Our Small Business Call Center Works:

  • We consult with you to setup your program.
    • We learn about your business!
    • We develop a frequently asked questions page for reference (you may also post on your website)
    • We confirm how you want your calls answered.
    • We document your instructions for what to do when calls are received.
      • We follow those instructions!
  • We assign a unique toll free number for you.
    • You may publish it.
    • You can forward your local number to it.
    • All calls are recorded for quality assurance.
    • All calls are stored for 30 days and you get an email at the close of the call with a link to the recording.
  • We contact you on behalf of your clients when necessary.
  • We add to your FAQS page and continue to study to keep informed about your business.
  • We can do telemarketing for you (only in conjunction with a direct-mail program: additional fee required).
  • You get a virtual, "full-time employee" (someone in your vitual office to answer your calls) for as little as $350 per month!

Verizon Call Forwarding On & Off

You can turn on Call Forwarding from your mobile phone:

  • Forward all calls immediately (mobile phone won’t ring) – Call *72 + the 10-digit numberthat you want to forward your calls to (e.g., *72-908-123-4567)

  • Forward calls when there’s no answer (mobile phone will ring first) – Call *71 + the 10-digit number that you want to forward your calls to (e.g., *71-908-123-4567)

You can turn off Call Forwarding from your mobile phone by calling *73. You should hear a confirmation tone or message.

You can also turn it off from your computer. For step-by-step instructions, refer to our How to Use Guide: Call Forwarding.

Basic Setup Information Needed

  • We will need a fully developed Questions and Answers page (FAQs)
  • We will need to know how you want us to handle your calls
    • How to answer (what do you want us to say in your greeting)
    • Which questions to answer or NOT
    • Do we schedule appointments or call backs for you
  • We will need to know how and when you want to receive notifications and reminders

Real Office Management

Real Office Management



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