Internet OFFICE Cafe with Beverage Services

Internet Cafe with Office Services

We provide an Internet Cafe with Office Services, providing you with high speed internet, printing, copying, faxing & more in a casual, friendly business atmosphere.

  • First cup of coffee (or tea or water or can of soda) is free.
  • First hour of shared desk is free, too.

Printing, Copying & Fax Services

Minimum Shop Rate

We do not provide these services for free.  We charge a minimum $25 fee that will cover up to your first 15 minutes.

After that, we our rate is $60 / hour or $1 per minute for our time.

Printing / Copying Costs

  • Cost is per sheet depending upon color or b/w and sides printed.
  • Scroll down page for more details on service costs.

Other Local Options for Printing, Copying, Faxing

You may be able to get these things cheaper from one of these other local businesses that are better equipped than us to provide the service.  If paying our minimum fee or shop rate is an issue for you, you should definitely check out these!

Pen Print, Inc
(360) 457-3404
230 E 1st St #A
Port Angeles, WA. 98362 

Pacific Office Equipment (POE)
314 East 8th St
Port Angeles, WA 98362

Internet Cafe with Office Services

We usually have rooms available for Co-Working spaces.  You may be sharing this space with others.

We can accommodate up to 70 persons in the rooms in our building, so we've got plenty of room.

Shared office desk or co-working spaces are $5/hour (first hour is free).

Private offices spaces cost vary, depending upon the room you choose and length of time.  We call this service Office Space on Demand.

How Much Will This Set You Back?

How Much Will This Set You Back?

  • $5/hour for full service

What Do You Get for $5/hour?

  • Shared co-working space
    • Your choice of available space
  • Fast Internet
  • Free Beverage Service (You may bring your own beverages, too.)
    • Courtesy Coffee
    • Tea
    • Water
    • Soda

Note: personal, individual PC / software support and/or training is $1 per minute with a $25 minimum

Costs for Services

Please Note: minimum service fee is always $25 for the technician's time in addition to the costs listed below.

  • Faxing
    • Local: $1 Per Side
    • Long Distance: $2 Per Side
    • International: $5 Per Side
  • Printing & Copying
    • Black & White: .25 cents per side
    • Color: .75 cents per side
  • Scanning
    • We do for you: $25/minimum rated at $60/hr
  • Laminating
    • $5 per sheet (8.5 X 11)
    • Self-service
  • Cutting
    • We've got a small, office paper cutter
    • Free to use for self service
For those using our full office cafe service:

For those using our full office cafe service:

  • Shared Office Rental (Co-working Spaces) Start at $5 per hour.  (After your first hour free)
  • Bring your laptop, pad or other internet-connected device.
  • There will usually be an attendant available to help you with faxing, printing, copying, scanning and laminating services.
    • Note that we charge a minimum $25 fee for these.
  • Bring your own USB (Flash Drive) for scanning services. 
  • Help yourself to the free beverages: Courtesy Coffee, Tea, Water or can of soda. (first beverage is free)
  • Bring your own beverage or food is ok
  • Additional and other beverages are available for purchase



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