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Home Based Business Special

Home Based Business Special

Get Visibility on Google

What do we mean by "Get Your Business on Google?"

We can get visibility for your business on google whether or not you have a website.

Google indexes websites, but it also indexes other media and publications and publishes content from it's own index (databases) as well as featuring content provided by data aggregators.

When someone uses google to find a resource, results from their search can come in the form of web pages, publications and business citations from data aggregators and 3rd party publishers.

There is a Best Way

Local businesses need visibility in local search.  Local businesses need visibility in mobile search.  Google publishes (and therefore believes) that about 40% of desktop/laptop/pad search has local intent, and that 60% of mobile device search has local intent.  Because of this, google changed its search drastically a few years ago, emphasizing local results (usually) and continues to adjust it's algorithm to yield local results when local results are what the user is searching for.

Get Great Local Visibility From a Professionally Managed Business Citation

In the vast majority of cases, having what was first called your business NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) and has evolved into your complete business Citation (NAP plus additional details like days and hours of operation, photos, description ...) is more important to your visibility in local search than your website itself.

Google likes it this way, because it leverages more control this way ...

Confusing (and Rank Diminishing) Business Citation Duplications and Erroneous Listings

There are hundreds of large directories that use bots to scrape information and compile their own databases to power their directory search function.  Because these are large and somewhat influential websites, they get indexed well by google.  The down side is they frequently have your business listed incorrectly.  They almost always employ off-shore labor to do their manual data entry and that explains the poor quality as well.

Your address and phone number may be wrong and your business spelled incorrectly and a plethora of other errors.

We Can Acquire, Update and Manage Your Business Citation

We have a portal that enables us to professionally manage your citation: completing it so you can full advantage of it, correcting the errors and eliminating confusing duplicates.

We'll create and maintain your google local listing and get your business's citation updated and distributed monthly to all five major data aggregators.  (The data aggregators feed local search and mobile search).

Get a Physical (Virtual), Local Office, Too!

We'll set you up with our virtual office program.  You'll have a box here and an office and office services when you need them!

There are actually two types of virtual offices: physical and cyberspace.  

physical virtual office provides a physical location with office services such as mail, reception, office machines, internet and meeting spaces without requiring you to physically be present - thus a "virtual" office.

cyberspace virtual office allows business owners and employees to work from any location by using technology such as laptop computers, cell phones and internet access.

  • We provide "real" virtual office services.

We will tailor your virtual office program to meet your specific business needs.

Do you need regular office space and office management assistance, but cannot afford your own office and an office manager?

Wouldn't it be great if you could share an office manager, office machines and office services with other professionals to get all of the benefits of having your own, professionally managed office without having to pay a full-time or even part-time staff person?

Welcome to the power of Virtual Offices at Port Angeles Business Central!

What You Get

We setup and manage your google assets and business citation and update it monthly for you.  

You also get your business address as:

Your Business Name
834 East Front Street, Suite ____
Port Angeles, WA  98362

  • Your business can receive USPS mail here as well as FedEx and UPS deliveries.
  • When people come in for your business, we deliver your marketing materials AND get their information and pass it to you so you can follow-up with them.  (You have a REAL office now!)
  • 5 hours each month of office use is included FREE (so you can meet with clients or friends/family here)

What Do We Require?

We require a 1 year agreement for this program.  There is a one time $250 setup fee and the monthly fee is $100/mo.

If you pay for full year up front, we waive the $250 setup fee.  (You'll save $250!)

How To Sign Up

Home Based Business Special