Google My Business Guidelines - How Our Coworking Office Complies

Google My Business Guidelines - How Our Coworking Office Complies

What You Must and Should Do to Comply with the Google Guidelines (and Ours!)

1.) Your office MUST be physically occupied by you or an representative for your company.  This is you, an employee, or one of our staff members if you have a contract for our Real Office Management service.

2.) You MUST be able to receive postal mail at your office.  Port Angeles Business Central is registered with USPS, and we receive UPS and FedEx as well.

3.) You SHOULD have your own, unique phone number.  You may also forward it to us and will will answer for you.  (Additional fee for this.)  Even though it seems to be currently accepted to use a general phone number for a coworker program, we don't allow it.  So, even though this one is only a "should" for google, it is a MUST for us.

4.) Your Google My Business listing hours of operation MUST accurately reflect the hours that you are actually available.  Don't publish erroneous days and hours.

5.) You MUST have your business model properly represented on google.  If you rarely or never meet with clients at the office, but mainly go from the coworking space to meet them at their locations, your business model is a service area business (SAB) and should hide its address in the Google My Business dashboard to be Google guideline-compliant.

6.) You MUST hide your Google My Business address if you do not accept walk-in traffic but meet clients by appointment only.  People walking in to our office center expect to do business with your company.  So, if you are not going to be here and you have not added our Real Office Management service, you MUST hide your business address.

7.) You MUST have a permanent, dedicated suite number or letter at Port Angeles Business Central.  Have your mail addressed to your business using your full address here and suite number or letter.  Do NOT have it addressed to Port Angeles Business Central.

Google My Business Guidelines - How Our Coworking Office Complies


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