Fern's Home Services

Ferns Home Services

Fern's Home Services

About Fern

Hi there! My name is Fernando, and I am the owner of Fern's Home Services. I provide my services in Port Angeles, Sequim, and Joyce.

I began my lawn care career five years ago as a side job and decided to pursue my passion and open up my own business full-time as of early 2021.

Prior to owning my own business, I began by doing my yard work part time while having a full time job. I love the fact that not only can I dedicate my time to this, but that I also get to learn as I go.

Lawn Care Services

We can take care of all of your lawn and grounds needs including:

  • Lawn Mowing
  • Tree Trimming/Pruning
  • Seasonal Cleanup
  • Mulching
  • and more!

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Pressure Washing Services

Dirt, algae, grime and mildew build up over time on your house, driveway, fence, deck, patio, sidewalks and/or business — leaving them unsightly and potentially slippery and dangerous. Pressure washing and soft washing removes all of these build ups, restoring surfaces to their original beauty and making them safe again to walk on. Regular pressure washing is a great way to maintain your home.

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