Burkes Flooring

Burkes Flooring

Burkes Flooring
834 East Front Street, Suite 400
Port Angeles, WA  98362

(360) 460-3814

Hi.  My name is Tony Burke.  I own and operate Burke's Flooring in Port Angeles, Washington.

I was born and raised in Port Angeles and am 1997 graduate of Port Angeles High School and played basketball for Peninsula College in 1998-99, the first years of the Pirate's return after many years of absence. 

I'm married and have some great kids, too.

When I'm not working, I love to ... rest ... and spend time with my family.

I don't play basketball (or even the golf much) anymore! :-)

About My Business

I began working with my dad in his flooring business when I was a youngster and worked in his business off and on during my high school years.

I started my own business (Burke's Flooring) in 2003.  I began doing carpet and later added hardwood and vinyl and everything else flooring.

We provide sales and installation service.

Free Estimates

We are happy to provide a free estimate for your flooring project, whether you are looking for carpet, wood, bamboo or vinyl.



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