Pabcentral "COV-19" Policies?

Yes!  We are Back to Business as Usual.


If you have SYMPTOMS of an illness, you are sick.  You probably should stay home and rest. 

If you are very ill or are worried about your physical condition, perhaps you should see a healer (or your physician).

We are advocates of enabling people to use their common sense.

doug-caricature-200.pngOn the Other Hand ... 

I am Doug, the owner and operator of Port Angeles Business Central, AKA "the idiot" that keeps posting banners that question our present "godvernment" and falsely so called "science".

Doug's Opinion

April 2020 ...

"I think it is an error for the government to issue such mandates, and a bigger mistake for the PEOPLE to submit to them.

As long as the sheepulation will submit to nonsensical mandates, the GODvernment of this present world will continue to issue them.

Such illnesses are "seasonal" and people get sick every year and die as a result of the sickness.  To potentially avoid getting the flu, I have taken the flu shot every year, but this one is "new" or "different"?  They are always new.  The "viruses" are supposedly always mutating so they continue to infect us.

When the order was first issued, I complied - never seen anything like this before!  I'm thinking, maybe this is the beginning of some end-time disease that the Bible speaks about in the book of Revelation!  We closed the office and operated from home for 3 or 4 days - until I SAW that some "famous" hospitals on the news that were overloaded with sick and dying people were visited by citizen journalist and were in fact, EMPTY.


However, when I saw how the media was caught repeatedly using false images, actors, dummies and 'scary stories", I was done with it and opened my business back up.  I tried to encourage others to do the same, but most of them were afraid to do so.  Not so afraid of this "new virus", but afraid of being fined by the godvernment."

Why are we closing businesses down this time?

Why are we isolating everyone?

What is really afoot? 

Why is the government and media doing everything they can to frighten everybody?

Let us see where this nonsense takes us after our governor issued the mandate to stay home on March 23,2020."

How Did we Get Here?

When this "novel pandemic" started and we were asked to take just "15 days to slow the curve", we yielded and closed our office.  Before 15 days were up, we had discovered that this news was merely an opportunity to promote a one-world-government, world-wide enslavement program.

We put up banners routinely challenging the narrative and received death threats, our property was vandalized several times, and I (Doug Nevill, Sr.) was doxed and harassed for more than a year.

ANTIFA operatives showed up on several occasions and we had some help from armed men standing on our property on a few occasions.  The police we called and talked with us.  No problem.  We had been threatened and we have the God-given right to defend ourselves.

After a full year of alerting (via banners and websites) the public to the inconsistencies in the story we were being told to believe and attempts to make us all LIVE IN CONSTANT FEAR, we came to the conclusion that were were not going to be able to do more, so we just decided to "buckle up" and ride out whatever came our way.

What is a Godvernment?

Godvernment is a word I created to match how the current, world-wide government is behaving.  It is usurping the place of God.  Anyone that speaks against the "godvernmentally approved" positions are silenced.

Thousands of medical and scientific professionals that were (and are) well-respected by honest peers have had their social media accounts terminated because they dared differ with the "official narrative."

You should NEVER question God's Word.  You should AWLWAYS question man's science.

How This is ALL Biblical

The Bible clearly teaches that in the end times, there will be a movement towards a one-world government.

Up until this COV-19 planned event (just search for "Event 201" on the internet) the only thing that all nations agreed upon, somewhat strangely, was STAY OUR OF ANTARCTICA.  For some odd reason, all nations are able to agree upon this via the Antarctica Treaty.

Now, we've got another that has the entire world not only involved, but energized - this world-wide sickness, whatever it really is.


April 2021

Well, here we are now.  Do you remember, "Just 15 Days to Slow the Curve"?

Your tyrannical "leaders" are lying to you, still.

A tyrannical government will CREATE problems, thus creating an opportunity to SOLVE the problem, which will always result in your losing more FREEDOMS.

I don't personally need the government to "solve" my problems.  I need them to GET OUT of my life!

The government IS our nation's biggest problem now.  It is NOT on your side and it is obvious.

I think it is NUTS to have to submit to some test when you have no symptoms of an illness.  It is commonly known that the PCR test was NEVER intended to be used to diagnose an illness and it generates false positives ... and I have NO confidence that there is any plan or intent to allow things to EVER go back to normal.

As long as the sheepulation will submit to nonsensical mandates, the GOD

Wake up!


We Still Live in a Republic ... sort of.

A republic works by the consent of the people.

You do not have to consent.  You can say, "I do NOT consent."  You can say "NO!"

My "Long Haul" 'Covid Sickness'

March 2022

I got sick - really sick.  I contracted a sickness that effected my lungs like no other sickness I've ever had.  I call it "Covid" because that is what everyone calls it.  However, I don't think I got it from a "virus".

Regardless, I was really sick.

I became ill with this sickness in about  August of 2021, don't remember exactly when, and my symptoms were largely problems with my lungs and energy level.  My oxygen got as low as 83, I think.


I sought out a healer (non main stream health care provider) and I was given instructions to do breathing exercises to bring my oxygen levels up.  These are uncomfortable for me to do, but they worked.  My blood oxygen began to improve slowly and now it stays at 98-100% all the time, and I am no longer doing the breathing exercises.


I found an app for my phone called 4-7-8 Relax Breathing and used it as my guide.

When my illness was at its worst, I couldn't even walk across the room without becoming "winded" and needing to stop.


I also have taken and am taking dietary supplements to help keep my health optimum and my resistance to disease up.

Healing Baths

I took baths for cleansing my body as well, using epsom salts, baking soda, vitamin c powder (to neutralize chlorine in water) and borax.  I still take one of these once or twice a week.


Eating nearly 100% organic foods and have ranged from "vegan" to "keto".  I have changed my diet by what I intuitively think my body needs.  I try to avoid everything processed as much as possible.


I started walking (when I was my sickest) barefoot about in my yard - lots of circles.  I increased the duration of my walking slowly as my strength began to return.


I try to get my bare feet on the earth as much as possible.  When I walk in the woods, I usually wear shoes, so I will stop and touch the trees to get grounded to the earth on occasion.

I have a "grounding" pillow that was given to me by a friend and I purchased a set of grounding mats that I use when I am working. 

Current Habits

Each morning, I enjoy a green drink and am eating 3 organic eggs for breakfast.  I have a light lunch and maybe a bit of dinner (usually to be social with family) and am steadily but slowly losing weight.

Green Drink Ingredients: 16 oz Kangen Water (9.5 ph), 4 oz fresh (frozen) Organic Kale, 1 scoop Orgain protein powder, 1 organic apple, and 1 tsp organic wheat grass powder and 3 tbsp organic pea isolate protein powder. 

Using a Blendtec, I run 1 cycle on fresh juice, add about 6 ice cubes and run another cycle on smoothie.


I walk briskly 1 to 2 hours each day and have no problems with energy or breathing at this time.

What about the "Mandates"?

Godvernmental "Mandates", whether they are Federal, State or Local, are NOT laws.

You are a self-ruling, sovereign man or woman, whether or not you realize it.

You live in a REPUBLIC, you do NOT have to CONSENT.  A republic works by the CONSENT of the governed.

CONSENTING is your Personal Choice & Decision

If you CONSENT, that is your business.  Consent away!

If you DO NOT CONSENT, that is your business.  You are simply stating, "I DO NOT CONSENT."


Port Angeles Business Central recognizes the actual US Constitution as LAW and also honors your individual sovereignty.  We have chosen NOT to comply with unconstitutional and illegal "mandates."  We realize the godvernment is using coercion (tyrannical) and threats to try to FORCE voluntary consent.  We are not giving in.

If you are a free man or woman, Act Like it.

Use your God-given, uncommon sense and make your decisions.

The PABCENTRAL (Port Angeles Business Central) Position

  • We Ignore "mask mandates".  We believe you have the right to breathe freely.
  • We Will NOT violate your privacy to ask about your medical status ("vaccine status or passports")
  • Whatever ELSE the godvernment comes up with next that violates your individual, God-given human rights and freedom will also be IGNORED.

How will This Position Impact Our Business? 

We don't know.

Aren't we afraid that we could be put out of business?

No.  We are aware, but we are not afraid.

If we are "put out of business" then every small business is at risk as well unless they do EVERYTHING that the godvernment mandates. 

Please THINK!



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