A Physical Office Service Program that Satisfies Google Guidelines

A Physical Office Service Program that Satisfies Google Guidelines

All of the virtual office programs that we provide at Port Angeles Business Central are Physical Office Service Programs that Satisfy Google Guidelines.

Legitimate and Affordable

We know the power of being locally discoverable by Google maps as well as the other local search engines and apps and we have created a program that completely satisfies the guidelines and is still easily affordable for small business owners.

Does Your Business Qualify?

To qualify, your must be able to answer one of the following questions with "YES."

1) Is your business located within 20 miles of our physical office?  (834 East Front Street, Port Angeles, WA, 98362)  Your business location can be your home office, or a regular office in a neighboring township.

2) If your office is not within 20 miles of our office, does your business regularly conduct business in Port Angeles?  If you are regularly conducting business in Port Angeles, you qualify.

What Do Our Clients Get with Our Program?

  1. Real Offices.  We have private office spaces available that are affordable and we have plenty of shared resources available as well.  If you rent a private office, only you have access to it.  Shared offices are those that are accessible for clients that don't need regular office time.  Private offices are numbered and shared offices are lettered.

  2. Real Addresses.  You'll get a real address with real mail services.  We are registered with the USPS and we can accept packages for you from UPS and FedEx as well. When mail arrives for you, it is delivered to your box and you are sent an immediate text message notification.

  3. Real People.  We provide reception services for our clients.  We'll greet them and provide them with your business cards, brochures and portfolios and answer their general questions.  We'll seat them and offer them a free beverage if they are here for an appointment to meet with you.

  4. Real Services.  We also provide inbound call answering, appointment scheduling and more.  Just ask.

What Does it Cost to Rent one of our Offices?

We have shared office spaces that start at just $50 per month.  There is a one-time, $50 setup fee for this.  No contracts are required.

What Must You Do if you Decide to Close Your Office?

  1. Give us at least a 30 day notice.

  2. MAKE SURE that you PERMANENTLY CLOSE your locations for google, bing and yahoo local services.  We don't want people coming here looking for you when you are gone and you will be penalized by local search services if your local business information is inaccurate or fraudulent.

  3. Be sure to file your forwarding address with the USPS.  (https://www.usps.com/manage/forward.htm)  The USPS does NOT allow us to forward mail!  We can only RETURN TO SENDER.

    Also, notify your vendors of address changes for packages that you may receive via UPS or FedEx.

    We can repackage and remail for you from USPS, FedEx and UPS, but we will charge $50 plus postage for this per request.

    We will hold mail for you here indefinitely, but you will need to keep your office space paid to qualify for this service.

How Do You Get Started?

Select the program that is right for you.  If you need something different than our published offerings, call us first.

Learn More About Our Local Office / Private & Shared / Virtual Office Programs

Hourly & Shared Offices Do Not Require a Contract

A Physical Office Service Program that Satisfies Google Guidelines


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